Debts collection in France

Collecting debt agency, specializing in professional debt collection in France et and in Europe since 1996. Clients from all over Europe and 30 countries in the rest of the world have already put their confidence in us, appreciating our efficiency, discretion and high capacity to resolve delinquencies.

no win no feeThe fees depend on the success of our collection. NO SUCCESS NO FEE. We are persistent and never give up easily. However you only pay if the performance is proven.

Our commissions are known in advance and we provide free quotes.

We can help you for bad cheques, unpaid invoices, investigations.

As experts in negotiating with the debtors, we are patient, diplomatic, firm yet respectful.

Our goal is to treat these cases for cash as soon as possible your debts and unpaid bills, in the best conditions.

Our services meet your expectations for recovery in France, Europe and in over 30 countries, financial intelligence, search debtors and we also surveys solvency.

By entrusting your unpaid to a recovery, you have a genuine external litigation and have access to the best professionals while maintaining your freedom and your flexibility.

Debt collection :

You have an outstanding? Your customers exceed deadlines, do not meet the payment terms or invoke disputes or financial difficulties or even block the regulations?

We can simply recover your unpaid bills and without charge.
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no win no fee

Why outsource its unpaid bills to a collection agency?

To each his job, our agents are experts in recovery and are experienced to resolve disputes and negotiate a payment with the debtor.
Keep your customer relationships intact: In subcontractor raises you avoid any risk of losing a customer.
Budget: spent time, reminders, legal costs can be very expensive! With a collection company, your budget and limited and known in advance. Our fee is charged only in case of success.
Speed: average litigation cases are resolved in one to two months.
If your debtor is located outside France, we operate in over 30 countries.
Do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your service for any information. You can for example ask for our free advice before prosecute or simply to assess the chances of recovery in your case.

Our commission is always calculated on the amounts collected. It’s simple: No success no commission!

New: our services are open to individuals (unpaid rent, IOUs, loans, etc.).

Customer testimonials:

DOCAPOST company (Groupe La Poste)

“Impeccable service, available, care and timely information” Go “or” No Go “on the debtor.
Very effective recovery of the entrusted records. ”

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